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Welcome to Keyboarding!

Keyboarding, like any skill, requires practice. Think of any great athlete, musician, reader, or even video gamer; they did not become great by spending only a minimal amount of time once a week to practice their skill. They would spend hours practicing in order to become better. We have 30 minutes a week to practice our keyboarding skills. Is this enough to become a good keyboarder? No, we can all use additional practice to improve our skills. This website is dedicated to helping you become a better keyboarder. The sidebar to the right has links to the lessons we practice in class; homework to practice at home, websites to practice and take timed tests, and keyboarding games full of fun to increase your skills. 

Grade 3Each third grader comes to Technology each week to learn keyboarding. With direct instruction, practice, and homework, third graders learn the alphabet keyboard.

Grades 4-6 - practice their keyboarding skills each week and once a month have an opportunity to take timed tests to see how their skills have improved. For every 10 words per minute they improve, the students are awarded a keyboarding belt. There are a total of 9 belts each student can earn. All lessons and homework are based on the belt the student has earned. The following is a list of the belts and which lessons and homework they are associated with. 

Horizontal Learner White Belt

White Belt

Less Than 10 wpm

Horizontal Learner Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt

10-19 wpm

Horizontal Speed Builder Orange Belt

Orange Belt

20-29 wpm

Horizontal Speed Builder Green Belt

Green Belt

30-39 wpm

Horizontal Composer Blue Belt

Blue Belt

40-49 wpm

Horizontal Composer Purple Belt

Purple Belt

50-59 wpm

Horizontal Power Typist Red Belt

Red Belt

60-69 wpm

Horizontal Power Typist Brown Belt

Brown Belt

70-79 wpm

Horizontal Power Typist Black Belt

Black Belt

80+ wpm




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