Mrs. Rodgers 6th Grade Class

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Google Classroom:

Class Code: 9y2v2u0

My classroom theme is: It's a Wonderful World! I believe each of my students has great potential and each student has something unique to share with our class. I want to embrace each student's strengths and build from their weaknesses. We live in a beautiful, wonderful world and I want each student to feel excited about life and learning!

Here are some classroom supplies/materials we are in need of. If someone is WILLING and ABLE to donate, it would be MUCH appreciated!!

1. Expo Markers

2. Sharpies

3. Lysol Wipes

4. Markers

5. Big Scissors

6. Emergency Snacks- granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.

7. Band-Aids




Classroom Sites

Imagine Learning
Scholastic Book
Typing Club
Room Recess
Spelling City
Seasons Webquest
Google Classroom



Check Grades on Powerschool

To check your grades, click on the link below. 

You need to know your unsername and password to access this site.

Your username is your FIRST INITIAL, LAST INITIAL, 

then your LUNCH NUMBER

(like this  ⇒   km32415) 

*if your lunch number is less than SIX digits, 

you must put enough zeros before the number  to create a six digit number.

(like this  ⇒   km032415) 

Your password is your BIRTHDAY

             (you will need to write your birthday like this  ⇒  3/5/05)


Login Information

Chromebook Login


Username & Email Account →  Initials + 0 + 6 digit lunch number +

Password →  Your Birthday (m/d/year)       like this → 3/4/2005 


To Access GoogleDocs at Home

Go to →

Username & Email Account →  Initials + 6 digit lunch number +

Password →  Your Birthday (m/d/year)       like this → 3/4/2005


IXL Login

Username → Lunch #

Password → Your Birthday (m/d/year)       like this → 3/4/2005


i-Ready Login

Username → Lunch #

Password → student


GoMath Online Textbook

Username → 6student200

Password → 12345


Check Grades on Powerschool

Go to → Use the "Check Your Grades" link on our class webpage

Username  →  Initials + 6 digit lunch number (you might need a '0' before your lunch #)

Password →  Your Birthday (m/d/year)       like this → 3/4/05


Classroom Information

*Classroom Rules

  1. Try your BEST
  2. Follow directions QUICKLY
  3. Stay on TASK
  4. When the teacher is talking, you are NOT talking
  5. When a student is talking, you are NOT talking

*Classroom Procedures


1) Entering the Classroom: You will enter the classroom quickly and quietly. As you enter the room you will:

  1. Read the white board!
  2. Turn in any hw, take out your notebook and sharpened pencil for the day.
  3. Pick up any handouts on the table by the door.
  4. Silently get your chromebook/notebook and head straight to your assigned seat.
  5. Begin the day’s Morning Writing or Morning Activity (10-15 minutes)
  6. Read silently at your desk or get a brain puzzle.


1) Always S.L.A.N.T.: When anyone in the class is speaking – whether a student, your teacher, or a guest speaker – you should always be SLANTing:

Sit up straight Listen Ask and answer questions Nod Track the speaker

2) Bathroom: You may not use the bathroom in the first or last 10 minutes of class, or during whole-class instruction. You must quietly ask for permission to use the bathroom during independent work. When given permission to leave the room, you must move your magnet to "Out" on the door. Move it to "In" once you return. Only one person may leave the room at a time.

3) Raise Your Hand!: Do not speak when others are speaking, and do not call out. Raise your hand to ask a question, answer a question, or to get permission to leave your seat. Wait silently to be called on.