School Musical


I have been searching and listening to hundreds of musicals, searching for the perfect one for our school.  It's stressful, time consuming, but totally worth it. Click here to see the Musical Intro Video

 Auditions will be for 4th-6th graders only.   Please don’t send your 3rd grader to auditions, it only causes vast disappointment.  Be sure to have your student pick up an audition packet from the library beginning Nov. 5th. The packet will have all the behavior rules, practice times and any other information you need to know if your child is able to participate in the show.  


If you are interested in auditioning for a solo please learn the following songs below with the accompaniment. The vocal track is included to help you learn the words and rhythm of the song.

Own Two Hands Solo Audition (vocal)

Own Two Hands Solo Audition (accompaniment)

Hashtag Blessed Solo Audition (vocal)

Hashtag Blessed Solo Audition (accompaniment)

Rap Audition (vocal)

Rap Audition (accompaniment)



We need dancers, especially those who have taken dance classes before.  If you are interested in auditioning for a dance solo please watch the video below and learn the dance before auditions!  You will be performing the dance at the audition.  Mrs. Thompson will be watching for technique, style, and preparedness, and those who are having fun! So HAVE FUN!

Dance audition without music - watch this to learn the moves

Dance Audition with music- front view

Dance audition back view- make sure you are practicing with the right hands!