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Distributive Property Quizlet 

Expressions Quizlet



 Percents at the Mall Game

 % of Quizlet

 Fraction/Decimal/Percent Quizlet





Climate Kids

NASA Space Place

Carbon Footprint (easy) 

Carbon Footprint (longer)



 Weather Maps


Weather Channel







Current WEATHER MAP  ---look at the air pressure and fronts  

Water Cycle Quizlet---- to practice the water water water water cycle

Water Cycle Diagram (Only do Learn and Match)

Climate Change videos---- these are cool videos that show greenhouse effect and global warming.

Power Up Game---- games that let you save energy (there is also a ton of games on this site if you can find them)

WunderMap ----you can try to see if this works again. Maybe!

Study Jams--- on this sight has a ton of videos about all sorts of science topics. Pick one you want to learn about and watch the video! Here's a chance to learn more about anything you like!

Weather Quizlet--- find out a little more about weather

Weather vs. Climate Quizlet---do you know they difference of weather and climate?

Greenhouse Effect Quizlet---learn more about what really is happening in the greenhouse effect




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DAZE Practice Website 

Study Jams 

Road to Success 

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Integers Quizlet

Integers Easy Quizlet

Dividing Fractions Quizlet

Expressions Quizlet Practice

Distributive Property Quizlet

Multiplication Quizlet 

Rate, Ratio, Unit Rate Quizlet 

 Rate or Ratio Quizlet

Equivalent Ratios Game 

U5W5 Vocab Quizlet 

Heat Quizlet 

Light, Heat, Sound Quizlet

Fraction/Decimal/Percent Quizlet 

 ELA Vocab Practice Quizlet

 Inferencing Quizlet 

Multiplication Quizlet 

Division Quizlet

Multiplication 11 and 12 Quizlet 

Telling Time Quizlet

Water Cycle Quizlet

Water Cycle Diagram (Only do Learn and Match)

Air masses and Fronts Quiz 


Quizlet Expressions 

Word Problem Expressions Quizlet

 Variables with exponents 

Expressions with exponents quizlet

Common Proper Nouns Quizlet

Concrete and Abstract Nouns Quizlet

Carbon Footprint Calculator Faster

Carbon Footprint Calulator Longer

Power Up Game

Climate Change videos

Equations Quizlet

Quizlet 2 step equations   

Factors Quizlet

GCF Quizlet

ME- Integer Football

ME- Integer Game  

Continents and Oceans Diagram

Continents and Oceans Flashcards

Continents and Oceans Map

Term 1 Test Review Quizlet

Just multiplication
Division and multiplication mixed
Multiplication facts 11s and 12s

Dividing fractions- Word Problems





Textbook links:

Water Cycle Textbook 

Air Pressure and Masses Textbook

Climate Textbook

Greenhouse Effect textbook



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