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Coding with Santa :)

Can you get Santa to his next destination?


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username: initials + 0 + lunch number         example:   hi012345

password: birthdate m/d/yy                          example: 1/12/06



Important Links:

Math -- Socrative                Math --  IXL               Math -- Prodigy

SCOPE  --Password:  isaacson6th                        Writing  -  Compose

WONDERS                      Spelling City                timer

 Khan Academy               DAZE                          QR code scanner

 KAHOOT!                     Nearpod                     Log reading minutes



Fast Finishers -


multiplication facts

evaluating expressions

universe war - LARGEST wins



Snow Flake project

regular snowflakes - 1

regular snowflakes - 2

StarWars snowflakes

Frozen snowflakes





Space rocks review

Constellation Stories 

Light Years


Solar System Text




Use these links to help find the info you need for your Egyptian Description

Source 1 - images for drawing/descriptions

Source 2 - Look at the right hand side for a list of gods/goddesses

Source 3 - Click the name of your god/goddess for more detail on this site


Fast Finishers: explore this webiste all about Egyptians!!!


 Greek Gods 


SAGE  Sample questions and practice for the new end of year testing


Reward time options:

  1. Ratios game
  2. Area - select game mode
  3. The WORM game
  4. Gravity launch! Can you make the rocket orbit the moon?
  5. Planet Mass Scales
  6. Personality Quizzes


Endangered Species:

Bald Eagle         Black-footed Ferret        Bonytail      Colorado Squawfish

Desert Tortoise         Gray Wolf         Grizzly Bear        Humpback Chub

   June Sucker          Mexican Spotted Owl         Peregrine Falcon   

Razorback Sucker       Southwestern Willow Flycatcher      Utah Prairie Dog

Virgin River Chub       Woundfin



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