Welcome to Second Grade!

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 Important Dates:

Term 3 Ends - Mar. 15


President's Day - Feb. 18

No School - Feb. 19 is a Professional Development Day for teachers

March 14 - In-school Living Planet Aquarium Field Trip

March 22 - Bean Museum Field Trip

Spring Break - April 1-5


School starts at 8:40 



We have been working on some poetry, as well as learning about similes. In writing we are working on writing an informative paragraph.  On the writing homework, please remind your student to write a sentence on the topic, then include at least 3 facts or details, and finally, they need to wrap up their paragraph with a good closing sentence.  


In math we are working on adding and subtracting with regrouping.  We will also be working on time and money.  We did a bit of measurement when we were studying our rocks with science, and we will continue to work on some measurement this term.  


Please continue to have your child reading to you daily.  Most of the students are greatly improving in their reading, but those who continue to experience some ups and downs need a little extra help, and listening to them regularly can make a huge difference!  Thank you! 


Heidi Lovell

 updated 2-13-19


******Please feel free to check our class webpage frequently for information.  Each child will be given a copy of homework, but it will also be on-line if you need to print another copy.  As a reminder, the math portion of our homework is REVIEW and focuses on the foundational skills to build strength to help them on the harder concepts we are working on in class.  Math concepts will be well-practiced in school before they go home as homework, so if your child struggles, they are still needing help in concepts we have already worked hard on during the previous month.

Each student will be given a spelling list to use in class each week as they practice their spelling words.  If you need a copy for use at home, the lists are on our class page also.  Spelling tests will be given each Friday.  If your child needs extra practice, you can print off a list to use at home, and your child can also go to the Spelling City link where there are fun games and activities that help practice spelling.  You can access their spelling test scores each week on Powerschool.


Our Schedule for specialty classes:

Art     2:15 - 3:15 Every other Tuesday

Library   2:45 - 3:15 Thursdays

Music   1:00 - 2:00 (30 minute groups) Monday and Wednesday

PE   12:25 - 12:55 Monday and Wednesday

Drama   2:00 - 2:45 Wednesday

Computers    2:45 - 3:15 Monday; 1:00 - 2:00 (30 minute groups) Tuesday and Thursday

Scientist of the Week    2:30 Monday


In second grade we work to include a lot of music and movement in our classroom. We use it to learn curriculum and allow them to move throughout the day. By tying in music, the students typically remember things more easily. Our children are able to work on completing their Star Reader, which includes a variety of genres. They can also complete the Caldecott Reading Challenge. Great Brain Projects are available for them to research a topic and present it to the classroom. Students are able to participate in the after-school program, the chess club, as well as the drama club. We have many field trips throughout the year that allow them to experience a variety of art, drama, and other enriching things. Our school has assemblies that bring wonderful enrichment to our school. Our second graders also have art and music during their school day. We also do class plays or programs that allow children to interact with others in dramatic scenes, memorize scripts, and songs. We love working with our second grade students to help them be well-balanced!