Mr. Christensen Class Supply List  (2018-2019)

(All supplies are communal)

1-  Glue stick

1-  Black composition journal

1-  Box #2 Pencils

1-  Box tissue

1-  Whiteboard marker (back, blue, green, or red)

1-  Box crayons (16 or 24 ct.)

1-  Watercolor paint

$20 voluntary donation to be shared with the Chinese teacher to pay for bus on field trips, educational experiences, and class parties.

Thank You!

NOTICE:  The items on this list are optional.  No elementary school student may be required to bring any of these supplies to school. This list is compiled solely to provide information to parents or guardians who wish to voluntarily furnish supplies for student use.  The school will furnish equivalent supplies to all students free of charge as necessary.