Welcome to Mrs. Whatcott's Fourth Grade Class




Moby Max- Individualized Instruction

Spelling City

(Print off spelling lists, practice words, and take practice tests)

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Reading Challenge Form

Math Review

(Review 4th grade math skills)


Typing Practice

Satch Patch

Miscellaneous Forms


Individual School Supplies:

* A backpack (only regular backpacks fit in the lockers we get to use. Backpacks with wheels do not fit and end up jamming the lockers and breaking the wheels. Please only send regular backpacks that will fit in the lockers. Thanks)

* Personal Pencil Box

* markers/crayons

* 1 pack wooden pencils 

* 1 pack mechanical pencils (please label with sharpie as these tend to disappear)

* Red and Blue pen (again, please label)

* Personal pencil sharpener

* 2 dry erase markers 

* 12 count colored pencils (please sharpen beforehand)

* 1 bottle Elmer's Glue

* 4 Glue Sticks

* 1-2 spiral bound 70 pg. Notebooks

* Scissors

* Ear Buds or Headphones (please label with tape and put in baggie)

* Stylus (Optional- for use with iPad/Chrome Books-- Please label)


"Notice: The items on this list are optional.  No elementary school student may be required to bring any of these supplies to school.  This list is compiled solely to provide information to parents or guardians who wish to voluntarily furnish supplies for student use.  Equivalent supplies will be furnished by the school to all students free of charge as necessary."

           Shared Supplies:

 The following are items that are needed in the classroom. If you would like to donate any of the following, that would be wonderful!

 * Kleenex (LOTS)

* Clear page protectors

* Clear contact paper

* Pencils

* Sandwich-sized, and Gallon sized zip-loc bags

* Dry erase markers

* White lined paper (lots of it)

* Black Sharpie Markers

* Sticky Notes

* Paper Towels

* Paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils