Welcome to Miss Ma's Class 




Pen pal letters-Responding pen pal letter in Chinese. Complete and share the English pen pal letter with Miss Ma at xavieram@stu.provo.edu.

New Year Resolutions- 1. Design the cover page of the new year resolutions booklet 

                                     2. 3 happy memories from year 2018 (use sentences)

                                     3. 3 things that you will stop doing in year 2019 (use sentences)

                                     4. 3 non-academic goals for year 2019(use sentences)

                                     5. 3 academic goals for year 2019(use sentences)

Comprehension exercise and speaking practice on Google Classroom. 

Social Studies: Medieval Times Lesson: Feudalism. Castle design. 

Term 3 Medieval Times/Middle Ages Schedule

Science:  States of Matter. Heat transfer and particle motion. 

UVU Language Fair


谷歌教室 Google Classroom:

1. 蓝班谷歌教室

2. 红班谷歌教室

Online Dictionary websites: 

  1. MDBG Chinese Dictionary
  2. Arch Chinese
  3. NCIKU
  4. Yellowbridge
  5. Chinese Etymology

Mandarin Matrix website:

     1. Mandarin Matrix



Quizlet links to practice:

  1. 百日宴 生词拼音
  2. 衣服
  3. 买东西 句子 (sentences)
  4. 原子和分子
  5. 我最喜欢的国家 拼音 (pinyin)
  6. 我最喜欢的国家 句子 (sentences)
8/20-8/24 Homework  8/24 Spelling Quiz Vocabulary 
 8/27-8/31 Homework 8/31 Spelling Quiz Vocabulary
 9/4-9/7 Homework 9/7 Spelling Quiz Vocabulary 
9/10-9/14 Homework  9/14 Spelling Quiz Vocabulary
 9/17-9/21 Homework 9/21 Spelling Quiz Vocabulary 
 谷歌教室(Google Classroom) and catch up with previous written assignments  9/28 Spelling Quiz Vocabulary

 10/1-10/5 Homework Mesopotamia Worksheets

Catch up with previous assignments (Chinese worksheets and Google Classroom assignments), spend 10 minutes on practicing Quizlet links or Mandarin Matrix. 

10/5 Spelling Quiz Vocabulary 
 10/15-10/17 Quizlets #1-5 (Complete all the study parts on quizlets) *Learn, flashcards, write, spell, test  Make up previous spelling quizzes! 
10/24-10/26 Quizlets #1-8 15-20 minutes each day  
10/29-11/2 Homework   11/2 Spelling Quiz 
 11/5-11/9 Homework   11/9 Spelling Quiz
11/12-11/16 Homework  11/16 Spelling Quiz  
 11/26-11/30 Google Classroom Homework (Lingt)  11/30 Spelling Quiz
12/3-12/7 Homework   12/7 Spelling Quiz 

Practice on quizlet links for 15-20 minutes daily.  

*Please turn in all missing assignments by 12/20. If students would like to make up their spelling quizzes, they are welcome to do so by 12/20.  


Practice on quizlet links for 15-20 minutes daily.    

*Please turn in all missing assignments by 12/20. If students would like to make up their spelling quizzes, they are welcome to do so by 12/20. 


1/7-1/11 You will turn in the English version of the pen pal letter on Friday(1/11). You will write about your winter holiday and introduce a few of the US holidays to your pen pal. For the English part, you may choose to turn in a hard or electronic copy of the letter to Miss Ma. The electronic copy will be shared via your district google doc account and please share that to xavieram@stu.provo.edu You will be given time during class to work on the Chinese version of the letter. 

 1/11/2019 Spelling Quiz
1/14-1/18 Homework  and Google Classroom Solar System Videos  
1/23-1/25 Homework (Google Classroom Science videos and lingt speaking, reading practices)   

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