Welcome to Third Grade!

Important Dates:

April 26 class Spelling Bee
May 2nd, 3rd grade Science Fair, Optional
May 6th, Search and Rescue Dogs presentation
May 7th, last 3rd grade field trip, swimming at the Provo Rec Center
May 14th, 3rd grade Spelling Bee
May 15th early out Wednesday, Multiplication Banana Split Party


Class Supply List

Our Class Schedule

We have switched to twice weekly PE.  Keyboarding is now once per week. 


We have taken a practice language test and practiced with the test tools.  If you are able, please help you child go to the following link over the weekend and practice using the tools.

Use the students and families ➤learn more ➤go to sampler ➤ELA, ➤grades 3-5, ➤start test.


 Weekly Reading Log

We will be using a weekly reading log starting the first week of February.

Spelling City


Math Homework 


 Math Activity Links

 Scholastic Book Orders

Class Code: NM4WG

Next order due: March 30, 2019


  Writer's Olympics



 Native American Reports

Information Page



Science Links


 Science Fair Information


Parent Info

Project Notebook

Project Ideas

 Spelling Bee
Word Lists:

 spelling lists




Reading Genres

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