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3rd Grade Choir Information

Choir will begin Tuesday, September 5th!

You can sign up for 3rd grade choir here.

3rd Grade choir will rehearse Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:45-8:30am in room 215 in Wasatch Too. Parents may drop off students at the north Wasatch Too door.  Mrs. Rensink will be there to open the door into the music room.  Please know that this is not a normal drop off or pick up area.  This area is for choir drop off only.

When you sign up for choir you are making the commitment to be at every rehearsal unless you are sick or have an emergency.  Please contact Mrs. Rensink (julianner@provo.edu) or the school office if you are not able to make it to choir.

Mark your calendars!  Choir concerts are scheduled for Wednesday, December 13th at 6pm and Thursday, March 29th at 6pm.