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Class Information: important information, including attendance, behavior, birthdays, field trips, district calendar, and daily/weekly schedule. Love and Logic
Reading ClassDojo Parent Login: This is how we communicate with each other! I use it everyday!
Spelling Powerschool Login: Please check at least 3 times a week for grades and missing assignments.
Writing Wonder's Login: Username: 1st and last initial + 0 + student number; Password: wes123
Science Trick or Treat for Unicef   
Social Studies  Lexia Core 5 login To set it up enter my email: This takes you to the student login page. Username: first name + initial of last name (example: elizabetht) Password: 123456
Homework  Field Trip Information

List of items that would be helpful: Students will have an individual bin to store these things; nothing will be stored in desks. Click here for a printable list of suggested items. Not required, but helpful! 

Suggested items for Individuals:

  • 1 1/2 inch 3-ring binder with plastic pocket front and back
  • tab dividers, package with 5 with following labels: ClassDojo, Cafe/GR (for Guided Reading), Read Level/words, Writing, Math
  • Three Composition books or Spiral notebooks--used for the following subject areas--different colors
    • Math
    • Reading Response
    • Writing

Suggested Items for the Whole Class: These are community items and will be placed where everyone can get to them when they are needed.

  • Pencils--plain wooden only/no pencils with plastic coverings
  • Black pens
  • Erasers
  • Stick glue--the large purple ones, they last the longest
  • (black only) dry erase markers 
  • Water based markers--no sharpies
  • Tissues! Tissues! Tissues